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Rare Earth Magnet

For application in automotive, daily living equipment, electrical equipment and electronic sports equipment, Rare Earth Magnets are manufactured and exported. We provide these magnets in various types of threads such as drilling, full, half, machine, metric, tapping and triangle. Permanent in nature, these strong magnets are produced from alloys of rare-earth elements. These are made by creating magnetic fields that are strongest in the industry. The rare-earth magnets offered by us create more than 1.4 teslas of magnetic field. These are brittle in nature and hence are prone to corrosion. Due to this, we provide the magnets with a plating or coating for save it from chipping or breaking.

Applications of Rare Earth Magnets

  • Furniture
  • Household appliances
  • Instrument
  • Light industry products
  • Market/ hotel equipment supplies
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Sanitation machinery and others

Features, Uses and Strengths of Rare Earth Magnets

  • It has a very important role in the Indian defense system
  • It is extremely stronger as compared to ferrite magnets
  • It is provided with nickel coating due to its fragile nature
  • There is no chance of self demagnetization
  • It has exceptional magnetism quality
  • Its construction is done in compact and light weight manner
  • The rare earth systems (wherein magnet is a part of) has highly linear, which is more than 0.15%

Rare Earth Magnets

  • Supply Ability:100 Per Day
  • Shape:Customized
  • Magnet Type:NdFeB Magnet
  • Magnet Category:Permanent Magnets
  • Product Type:Magnetic Devices
Price: 100 INR/Piece

Strongest Rare Earth Magnet

  • Shape:Customized
  • Magnet Type:NdFeB Magnet
  • Product Type:Magnets
  • Magnet Category:Permanent Magnets
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Day
Price: 100 INR/Piece

Rare Earth Magnet (NdFeB)

  • Supply Ability:100 Per Day
  • Product Type:Other, Rare Earth Magnet (NdFeB)
  • Color:Multicolour
  • Shape:Other, Disk
  • Application:Industrial
Price: 7800 INR/Piece

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