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Sonal Magnetics

We are professional in providing Magnet Equipment, Electric Magnetic Separator and Permanent Magnetic Equipment etc.

Sonal Magnetics is one of the biggest & leading company in the manufacturing of Magnetic Pulley, Magnetic Separator, Suspension Magnet, Magnetic Rod, Overband Magnetic Seperator, Hopper Magnets, Magnetic Racks, Lifting Magnets, Plate Magnets, Drawer Magnets, Permanent Magnetic Chucks, Rare earth Equipments and all type of Magnets. Based in Ahmedabad the company was established as a distinctly independent corporate entity, (EST 1990), a pioneering company in the field of permanent magnetic Equipments in India. These entrepreneurs have been providing all types of Magnets for the Industry past more than 10 yrs and have also been providing consultancy services to meet the requirements of the Indian industry in this field. Sonal Magnetics has uncompromising approach towards quality due to which it has earned the trust of clients both in India and abroad
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